Accurate, Pain-free Breast Exams for Women of Color

Bexa is prioritizing the healthcare of the women most often overlooked and underserved.

two smiling women of color, one older and the other much younger

No woman left behind.

Our mission is to provide effective healthcare technology, designed specifically for women of color, to underserved and overlooked women in every community.

The Bexa Difference

Safer Than Traditional Exams


amount of radiation used during a Bexa exam (it’s safe to use during pregnancy!)

Your Time is Valuable


minutes is all it takes to complete a typical breast exam with Bexa

Effective & Efficient


of women who receive a breast exam with Bexa do not require further tests or studies

Women Serving Women


of Bexa examiners are women, trained to treat each participant with respect and dignity

cut off image of woman in tube top with Bexa machine
black woman looking down smiling

A Breast Exam Without Concern

If concern and access have kept you from getting regular breast exams, you’re not alone. When you’re:

  • scared
  • overlooked
  • mistreated
  • ignored
  • uncertain

…it’s even harder to sign yourself up for a breast exam.

With Bexa, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Our painless technology measures tissue elasticity (instead of density) so it is pain-free and more effective.

We created Bexa specifically for women of color — because your health and wellness is our number one priority.

You can trust Bexa to deliver accurate and immediate results without pain, discomfort, or concern.

group of diverse women of color

Technology Designed For You

We believe you should have easy access to healthcare technology regardless of your concerns, physical location, ethnicity, income status, or uncertainty.

When you test with Bexa, you can expect to be:

  • Examined by a woman
  • Treated with respect and compassion
  • Done with your breast exam in around 30 minutes
  • Given results at the end of your appointment
3 women of color, of different generations

We walk the talk.

We are democratizing early detection of breast cancer because for too long we’ve seen women of color overlooked and mistreated.

Our company’s financial structure backs up our commitment – with a model designed to accept payment from markets that can afford reasonable exam fees and fulfill our social mission in markets that can’t.

We'll earn your trust.

The medical system isn’t perfect, but we’re here to help you feel confident and comfortable with your care.

We understand your mistrust and we are committed to restoring and repairing the trust that an abusive system dismantled. You can expect us to show up with full transparency, investment in our mission, and consistent action.

We value you.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer for Black women – according to the American Cancer Society – and Black women have a 40% higher breast cancer death rate when compared to white women.

These statistics are alarming, but you’re never just a number. Bexa exists to save lives and protect women of color. You matter.

Feel empowered with breast exams by Bexa.

Make prevention your priority today.

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