Our history

Bexa is the result of years of innovation across multiple disciplines.


The BreastView device receives FDA 510K clearance, creating elastographic images of abnormal beast tissues 


Dr. Jae Son, a leader in sensor engineering and capacitive sensor arrays, acquires the BreastView technology. Dr. Son replaces the BreastView sensors with his proprietary shape-conforming ultra sensitive array and adds the first algorithms converting capacitive sensor data into images.


SureTouch Version 1.0 is created by Dr. Son’s company Medical Tactile, Inc.


SureTouch 1.0 has been through multiple internal upgrades and performed more than 200,00 examinations in the USA, China and Italy


Qualcomm and Medical Tactile collaborate to create SureTouch 2.0, a smaller, more portable device with sensor arrays connecting wirelessly to a tablet computer


Sure, Inc., (SURE) Joe Peterson, MD, CEO and investors acquire all SureTouch devices, technologies, rights and intellectual property from MTI; David Ables of MTI becomes Sure’s CTO


SURE updates clinical protocols, training programs, market strategy

Geoff Bricker joins to lead IT from SOCTelemed (NASDAQ: TLMD)


SureView, the cloud-based operating ecosystem within which all devices operate and share data, is launched

SureTouch’s FDA 510K is renewed

Dr. Mark Hiatt joins SURE as an Advisor

SureTouch receives regulatory clearance from the Saudi Arabian FDA (MDMA certificate)

SureTouch receives regulatory clearance from the Mexican FDA-equivalent, COFEPRIS

SureTouch receives regulatory clearances in Ecuador & Jordan

TSM Technologies in Indonesia receives Qualcomm’s endorsement as contract manufacturer of SureTouch sensor units

ultrasound images are integrated into the US SureTouch process

GWU Clinical Validation Study returns landmark results


Sunny Gupta, CEO and Tachyon Systems leads the creation of SureView’s machine learning and AI capacity combining elasticity, elastographic and ultrasound data into a single, evolving analysis

SureLearn, and online learning system supporting both remote and in-person didactic and practical training, is launched

Radiologists & primary care physicaisn begin investing in Sure

Quantify Health and Quantify Care become key commercialization partners in the US


SURE begins a large scale definitive clinical validation study with a leading US academic imaging department slated for completion in July of 2021

Intelsense creates a new operating system and algorithms for SureView incorporating advanced anomaly detection

The SureView AI system expands to include the ability to “dream”

The transformed SureTouch 3.0 is released as Bexa

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We’re working hard to continuously advance the sophistication of Bexa and to establish its role in the early detection of breast cancer.

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