Early detection saves lives and reduces costs.

In the absence of widely adopted early detection women suffer high rates of late-stage cancers and cancer care costs increase dramatically. Earlier diagnosis within a population reduces cancer care costs.  

reduced cost of early detection

Bexa reduces the cost of early detection by 75% to 80%, in two ways: a lower cost per exam and greatly fewer false positive examinations than any other technology. Bexa is a small, highly portable device that requires no special facility (no radiation or biohazard), but instead just a place that a woman can be examined in private. The exam is performed and results are easily interpreted by a trained examiner. Training requires about two weeks and is provided by Sure, Inc.

reduced cancer treatment costs

When participation in early detection is low, 55% to 80% of women are diagnosed with late-stage cancer. Bexa can be deployed widely due to low per unit cost, and can be operated in non-intimidating, community-based settings that dramatically increase women’s adoption of the procedure. 95% of women respond very favorably to the Bexa experience and will endorse the procedure to their friends and family.

is key

Early detection services that are not widely adopted do not significantly affect population health costs. It’s time that we open our collective eyes to the realities of most breast cancer screening programs: they fail to engage the majority of women. Breast cancer screening programs that rely solely upon a single, expensive, poorly adopted modality, fail women and fail the payors of healthcare. Without widespread adoption, there’s no widespread impact on health or care costs.

an additional modality

To be very clear: mammograms have saved hundreds of thousands of lives and we are in no way “anti-mammogram.” Instead, we are“pro-reality,” and that reality is that despite intense promotion the adoption of mammography by women in most countries is poor, and availability is limited. Expanding access and adoption requires an additional modality. Bexa is a highly adopted, low-cost, very accurate early detection modality.

Location is critical to adoption

In every culture women have told us clearly that clinics and hospitals are intimidating to healthy women, and are a barrier to adoption. Bexa can be deployed anywhere a woman can be examined in private.  

Bexa is an excellent offering for primary care, community-based or retail locations. If you or your organization are interested in offering Bexa examinations, contact our international commercial team.

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